Thursday, October 16, 2008

WTF Wednesday

Ok, I know it's Thursday but I meant to post this yesterday and then Roco's departure trumped any other posts. So, there's been lots of "talk" (I call it bullshit) about the new cover of W which features Angelina Jolie "apparently" breastfeeding one of her infants. I saw "apparently" because this is how I see it phrased whenever I've read about it. There's a baby with his/her head close to her breast and her shirt is opened but we can't be sure she's breastfeeding. Anyone else think apparently sounds like "allegedly" in this case? It's like they want to sound like they're giving her the benefit of the doubt - as if she's doing something else entirely like rocking the baby and her shirt just fell open that way. The hilarious and irritating thing about this is that you can hardly tell she is breastfeeding she really just looks like a happy mama enjoying a cuddle with her babe who happens to be nursing (although you can't see it in the pic) so IF you're one of those people who is saying how disgusting it is - get a reality check! I've seen more of countless other celeb's breasts selling magazines by featuring their breasts as accessories not showcasing their real purpose in the beautiful, natural way that Jolie does. Although, I realize we're not all lucky enough to have it be NATURAL for Brad Pitt to be taking the pic of us nursing.

I'm not going to rant and rave about this too much tonight - breath a sigh of relief or groan of disappointment here. I've got a lot to do for our local LLL conference (Please join us!!!) and the best way to be a Lactivist is to educate and empower and actually do something about improving the public image of breastfeeding in this culture, not just by blogging. So I'm off to be constructive. In the meantime here's the cover for you all. Comment away please! I will revisit this topic, I promise!

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