Wednesday, March 18, 2009


They defeat bedtime with a POW! THWAP! POP! Really, these are more like costumes around here than PJs and they had to be stolen away to get washed. When those boys fall for something, they fall hard, and together. Ben spotted these PJs while out with Tim so we got them for his bday and then had to get a matching pair for Nate too. Cause you know, you can never have too many superheros in your home.

Nate's drinking watered down apple juice in the DD cup, not iced tea. Though he does often share my iced tea with me, just generally not at 9pm.

Monday, March 16, 2009


The boys are into Pingu right now, a kids show from some European country featuring a penguin, his family and friends. It's all old school slow mo claymation and they don't actually speak any language you can understand no matter where you're from. It's all just gibberish and i like that - no catch phrases to get stuck on. Plus, when Tim & I watch we make up our own translations and that's just plain fun and entertaining right there.

Anyway, I was just putting on an episode for them and I asked Ben if he knew what Pingu's seal friend's name was.

"It's Robbie." (me)
"Really? Is that cause he does robberies?"
"Um, not it's just his name." I then burst out laughing and Ben laughed and was proud of himself. I thanked him for making me laugh. I realize that perhaps the City Lego set he got for his bday last week (complete with cops and robbers) may be influencing more aspects of his life than I thought.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Preview

So this weekend it hit 50 (maybe even 52 on Saturday) and we all breathed a long sigh of relief and joy! Nate and I were away on Saturday at a LLL retreat but when we returned home on Sunday morning we headed out to the beach with Dada and Benny. I think I could have happily sat on the beach combing through rocks and shells with Ben looking for seaglass all day! It was a short visit, by my standards but at least we got out and enjoyed the sun for a while. And, we'll go back soon of course. That's one great thing about living where we do now, we're within 10 minutes (if that) of multiple, beautiful beaches.

This morning we awoke to snow and as I type I'm watching it fall. Not what I had anticipated at all, but it's still winter if we're going to be accurate and of course, it's Maine.

(Ben found an anchor of some sort that had washed up and both boys took turns holding the chain that was attached to it. Ben followed the chain to discover the huge cement orb at the end. Good find!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - New U2!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

Just got home from picking it up, I've only made it to track 5 so far but it's amazing thus far. I'm admittedly a huge U2 fan and have loved all of their albums, including Zooropa and Pop so take that into consideration. This album is a bit different, but the thing is, every album is going to be different from the last - as they should be. No Line On The Horizon is still very obviously, recognizably U2, just with a few twists. It's certainly more bass driven than the previous two albums and the album benefits from it. I've got to finish listening to it before I really give you all my full take on it, but in the meantime enjoy this video of the title track and album opener. It's quite good, the song itself and you get to see the band in the studio which I always enjoy. There's also a couple of great quotes from Bono and Larry towards the end. Very fun!