Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Preview

So this weekend it hit 50 (maybe even 52 on Saturday) and we all breathed a long sigh of relief and joy! Nate and I were away on Saturday at a LLL retreat but when we returned home on Sunday morning we headed out to the beach with Dada and Benny. I think I could have happily sat on the beach combing through rocks and shells with Ben looking for seaglass all day! It was a short visit, by my standards but at least we got out and enjoyed the sun for a while. And, we'll go back soon of course. That's one great thing about living where we do now, we're within 10 minutes (if that) of multiple, beautiful beaches.

This morning we awoke to snow and as I type I'm watching it fall. Not what I had anticipated at all, but it's still winter if we're going to be accurate and of course, it's Maine.

(Ben found an anchor of some sort that had washed up and both boys took turns holding the chain that was attached to it. Ben followed the chain to discover the huge cement orb at the end. Good find!)

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