Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Traditions

Seems like so many folks have their own nightly rituals. Not just come home from work, eat dinner and such, but specific things they do at specific times each night. With a four year old and ten month old in the house we don't tend to do the same thing twice in a week never mind everynight. But lately some regularity has been creeping into our world.

The last few weeks, almost everynight around 7:30 I escape being Mama for a little bit to take a shower. Exciting life I lead isn't it? Anyway, the first few nights I did this Nate would start to get really cranky and bored with Tim & Ben after about 5 minutes. Then one night, I noticed I had taken a nice leisurely shower and hadn't heard a crying baby at all. When I emerged, I thought perhaps Tim had taken the boys for a drive or gone outside with them. Instead, the three were sitting happily around the kitchen table sharing a snack and smiling. Yes, even Nate greated me with big, banana-smeered smile! So, this is our new tradition. It works out well for everyone and we're going to enjoy it for as long as we can!!!
(PS Tim is purposely making a silly/weird face in the photo, he likes to do that to annoy the photographer)