Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordless Wonders

Sometimes, naps just can't be fought. Nate was so wiped out the other day that he fell asleep on the couch and remained asleep in some odd positions. When you're tired enough, it doesn't seem to matter how or what you sleep on. (no, he didn't fall off when he woke up...miraculously)

Monday, June 22, 2009


I have to stop eating crap. It's that simple. I'm putting it in writing in the hopes of encouraging me to actually follow through on this idea. I've recently been doing the whole "I'm pregnant, I can eat what I want" diet and it's not good. I mean yeah sure, it tastes good but it's not good for me or the wee one.

I had pre eclampsia with Nate and I've been doing a ton of research about it since the beginning of this pregnancy in the hopes of preventing it from reoccurring. One of the biggest factors is nutrition...good nutrition. The first three months of pregnancy are out for me anyway thanks to morning sickness, I'm lucky to keep down whatever is appealing at that moment and I don't beat myself up over it. But now, well now we're at 25 weeks and the morning sickness is gone and I can eat almost anything but I shouldn't! I really need to be increasing the fruits and veggies and the protein. Pineapple on pizza (as we had for dinner last night) does not count as an adequate serving of fruit for the day.

So, on this rainy Monday, as I look ahead to at least three more days of nothing but rain and time spent inside with my guys, I'm resolving to eat better. I'm hoping that since we'll be home I'll be able to really put some effort into this cause and not be grabbing junk like I do when we're out. However, there sits a vanilla cake and half of a woopie pie on my kitchen counter, so being out may have very little to do with it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Things

Random cheeriness today. It may have something to do with the fact that it's been raining here for about 8 days and yesterday and today are the first sunny days we've seen in a long while. AND, they're the last we're going to see until at least Sunday...possibly further into next week but I refuse to read the weather report beyond Sunday. Three days of rain is more than enough, I don't want or NEED to know that there will be a fourth or fifth.

So, back to the cheeriness. We've had a great week so far and I just felt like sharing it. The boys are doing well and have been remarkable playful with each other. Granted, it's a lot of play fighting - wrestling, shooting each other with the snorkel, chasing, hiding in a fort in the living room and jumping out to scare each other. Good brotherly fun.

We also have/had some big events this week which we're enjoying. On Monday Adeventure Uncle and Awesome Auntie got married at their home and we were there to celebrate with them. It was a really beautiful ceremony and reception, dispite the gray clouds that lingered overhead. Again, when it was time for us to go both boys protested. Nate more loudly than Ben but that's to be expected. I have to say, not that I enjoy having my children cry upon departure, it is nice that they enjoy spending time with their aunt and uncle so much that leaving is heartbreaking for them. I remember that feeling myself after leaving my Aunt's house and my cousins when I was young and even if I had spent a whole week there for school vacation (which I often did) I still felt miserable about saying goodbye and wished that I could stay longer. I imagine that's just how the boys feel too.

We have another wedding to go to this Saturday for friends of ours. the boys won't be joining us for that one although they were welcome to attend. Honestly, Tim & I are looking forward to the 45 minute car ride to the church without constant interuption. We love our kids, I don't think anyone would doubt that, but sometimes you need to remember what it's like to have a conversation with each other. We're starting to have only vague memories of that thanks to Tim's schedule (and so our complete lack of any time together really) and having kids. This wedding should also be a blast and yes, I realize it will probably be more fun for me than for Tim given that it's my friend's wedding and a large group of my friends will be there. On the bright side, I found out from the bride yesterday that we'll be sitting with one of my closest friends and her family and she and I are known for our antics when we're together so it should be lots of fun. We just have to reign it in during the toasts and such. ;)

Anyway, this is a very boring post, i just realized. Oh well! I'm in a good mood and felt like sharing, there it is. Hope that you're all enjoying the sun if it's shining in your area!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hormones are fun. They are especially amazing and entertaining when you're enjoying them during your third pregnancy while also trying to care for a toddler and a six year old. Admittedly, they haven't been too bad. I like to think that I haven't flipped out on the boys too often or gotten upset with them over really small things in the last few months. But I know I'm either getting a really potent, fresh batch of hormones soon or my boys are just being kids and I'm just a tired preggo and either way - it's not a great combination. In my head, things are a lot worse than they are on the outside. I was talking to a friend the other day and caught myself saying for the upteenth time that conversation "I'm sorry, I'm being a raging bitch." Her response, "No you're not. If this is you being a raging bitch you need raging lessons." I'm keeping these words in the forfront of my brain throughout the rest of this pregnancy. And to my dear friend who said this, I'm sending you a muffin basket or flowers or just a weekly statement of my undying loyalty and willingness to clean your bathroom for the rest of my life in gratitude. Sometimes, we think things are so bad and that we're projecting that outwards and it's nice to know that at least right now, I'm keeping most of it inside. This is good for my kids (they don't need to hear my internal frustrations all day long), good for my friends (they'll put up with me hanging around longer if I'm not Debbie Downer) and good for me in general cause it means I'm not quite as crazy as I think I am. Not yet anyway...we've got 17 more weeks to go plus the postpartum period - plenty of time to get wacky!

So, since it's all worse in my head I figured I'd share some of it here.

1) To the woman at Wal Mart: Learn some manners. I asked you where the maternity bras were and was answered with, "We don't carry those anymore. We don't have ANY maternity department now." Your tone was disgusting and insulting. Even my partner who thinks I over analyze everything noticed your tone and the clear disgust that you seem to have with pregnant women needing maternity undergarments. Perhaps you've never had been pregnant and haven't had the joyus experience of having your underwear fit fine one day and the next leave makrs on your hips so deep and red you're convinced you've sprouted new stretch marks at lunch. It's bad enough that you didn't have what I was looking for but to say it with such hatred was unnecessary. All I really heard you say was, "No, you're pregnant and pregnant women don't deserve to wear clothes that fit them."

2) Nate - I love you beyond words my dear child but if you continue to take naps past 3pm and then refuse to go to sleep before 11pm I might very well think of signing you up for a summer sleep away camp. (kidding!) Seriously though, can we get back onto that nice schedule where you slept from 12:30-2 and then you were ready for bed around 8:30 and your mama actually slept too and life was easy, each day was sunny and we were always happy because we were well rested? Huh, can we do that? pllleeeeeease? Also, can you please stop greeting me with scary faces in the morning? Yes, they are funny but watching you pinch your cheeks, pull your mouth open and stick out your tongue while saying "eehhhhHH!" is not really the way I dream of starting my day. Thanks baby!

3) Ben - I love you dearly my first born but could you please stop waking your brother up within minutes of getting up yourself? And can you stop waking him up by saying, "Hey Nate!" right near his face which is usually about eight inches from my face? Thanks, that'd be awesome!

4) WebMD - Can you give better descriptions with your symptom checker? I picked two symptoms and wound up with a list of 15 possible ailments. Ten of which I know can't be possible for me. I was trying to reassure myself before a doctor's appt tomorrow and instead I'm worrying about things I never knew existed. Gracias.

5) Negativos - The lovely random people that I've been running into at the groccery store, gas station etc who just seem pissed at the world. I'm tired, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my life at the moment, but I'm still freaking happy like 98% of the time. Can you fake a smile? Or at least hide your intense dislike for the world while out in public? It's bringing the rest of us down!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Favorite Place

We have a few favorite places that we like to frequent, especially in the warmer months. Pics below are from the lovely garden that is just down the road from us. We walk there after dinner some nights or head down with lunch and let the boys enjoy themselves. I'm going to do my best to document some of our other favorite places throughout the summer...that's my intent anyway! (sorry for the underlining! Not sure why it's here nor how to get rid of it)