Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day's Work - SuperNate

Donning his extra long cape and sunglasses, SuperNate is spotted spinning on the super vortex (aka mama's desk chair) before take off!

Adjusting eye wear before take off. Safety first!

The ambush of the BadyGuy-Benny. That's his full, evil nemesis name "BadGuy Benny"

Squeezing BadGuy Benny's face and eyes, rendering him weak and ticklish.

Recharging the super hero batteries at headquarters. Aka, the remainders of a fort in the living room which conveniently contained a pillow and blanket.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Look!

As you can see we had our ultrasound this past week and got our first (and only) glimpse of the baby until the actual birth day arrives. Things look great and the little one was very active moving all over the place and attempting to hide. Can't say as I blame the babe for being poked like that for a good hour has to be annoying, even if it is all softened thanks to the bubble of amniotic fluid and such. Anyway, below are a couple of pics of the babe. The technician said he was 65-70% sure it's a girl. Not sure if I want to take those odds to the bank and Tim and I left feeling like we didn't know what we were having. Admittedly, that was our selfish desire when we went into this too, to find out what we were having and to begin preparing. But, from what the tech showed us (the labia very clearly pointed out by him in the one shot he was able to get before baby snuck away) we're pretty confident it's a girl. We could still be surprised come this little one's arrival but the picture we saw (which we didn't get a copy of) compared to other pics online of people who were given 100% girl predictions leaves us feeling hopeful that it's a girl.

I have fully given over to that hope by the way. Yes, this may be the results of already having two boys and never having had the opportunity to shop the girls' section. We went out yesterday and I attacked the girls section of our local thrift store and scored a really cute blanket, a bunch of onesies (I have a ridiculous obsession with babies in onesis that is not gender specific, just babies in onesies = cutest thing ever!), and a few outfits and sleepers. It was all pink and I really prefer to go for the purple with a girl vs the pink but yesterday it didn't matter. Just looking at little dresses and shirts with flowers was so foreign and so enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to this venture through unchartered territory. Not to mention upping the Estrogen in the house a little bit!

Profile pic - Baby's head to the left and part of the arm. There are a few litle white dots just to the right of the center of the pic which are baby's fingers. She was waving or trying to push the probe away. The tech wrote "Hi Mom & Dad" on the bottom, if you can make it out.

Profile pic #2 - Baby's head is way down to the bottom left of the shot and you can see the leg and foot very clearly. We're hoping that the rest of her body catches up to her feet as it looks like she has Dada's (and brothers') big feet at the moment.