Friday, January 4, 2008

When bad naps happen to good families

Yesterday was a great day in our world. Nothing too exciting, but enjoyable. We visited with friends for most of the day and had a wonderful time. The mamas got to talk, laugh and reconnect with friends we haven't seen for a while thanks to the cold weather and the holidays. The kiddos ran amock and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We all enjoyed some amazing soup and a very yummy cake -it was a good day.

After leaving both boys fell asleep in the car on the drive home. I wasn't surprised by this at all, they had both been playing very hard and were showing signs of sleepiness before we had left. When we got home Ben woke up enough to walk himself into the house and proceeded to fall asleep half standing on the rug, half resting on the couch. Nate slept through being moved into the bed. I moved Ben into th ebed as well and let them both sleep. thinking they'd only be out for an hour at most, I did some dishes and puttered around on the computer. Two hours later at 6:30 they woke wasn't pretty.

They were both in great moods but Tim and I were about ready to go to sleep. Normally, Tim gets home at 6:30, we have dinner and then tub for the kids and bed. So by 9pm they are both asleep and I usually am as well. Last night we were all wide awake until about 11pm. It was a long evening. So, fortunately today they both slept from 12:30-1:30-2 and I'm hoping that they are both ready for bed by 8pm. It's only 2:30 now and the bed looks very inviting to me!