Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Ben is twelve today.  Each year I feel like most moms, incredulous because I can't believe that my first baby is getting older.  Then I do, because it's true, and incredible and I don't want to fight over it. The disbelief isn't due to a longing for him to be a an infant again, or any other younger age, it's simply a shock that so much time has passed so quickly.

Ben was born on a cloudy March morning and there was still plenty of snow on the ground, just like there is today.We had been hit with a snowstorm a few days earlier.  I remember thinking that he would come during that storm, because I had heard stories of "snow babies".  Thankfully he stayed put for a little while.  I'm pretty sure Tim and I thought we had more time before he would be joining us, first babies rarely arrive on their due dates and I didn't want to set up myself up for becoming more impatient than I already was.  Ben had his own plans though, and he knew when he was ready to enter the world and make us a family.

He's always known his own mind, felt comfortable in his skin, and been sure of himself. As he starts his last year as a "kid" I'm incredibly thankful that he has these traits.  There are many of us adults who are still working on this.  I'll be honest, I am completely envious of him in this regard.

He's adapted so well to some major changes this year, including his second year of public school, his first year in a regional school, the addition of some crazy puppies to our house (some who stayed and some who visited), and a new schedule.  He's become a more caring brother to Nate and Sydney and has really started to assume this new role of "Tour Guide/Adviser" with Nate to help him through school situations. He will actually play with Sydney, which I find 1) Adorable and B) Impressive because it's slightly unusual for a tween to hang out with a kindergartner.  But he does it when she asks (sometimes), he reads to her, and he makes her laugh.  It's been a great year watching him grow into himself more and more.  I'm so proud of him, so amused by him, so challenged by him, so thankful for him, and most of all so infinitely grateful to be his mother. Thank you Ben, for being you!