Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Getting Hot In Here

We've dreamt of the prospect of putting a wood stove in the house since we moved in last summer.  Tim & I both grew up with wood heat and have fond memories of the big wood stoves in our homes cranking out nice, comforting heat in the middle of winter.  The power outage on Halloween last fall reminded us that a wood stove would be a nice, almost necessary addition to our home.  Our first winter here, and the propane bill bumped the wood stove up to Home Improvement #1.

With some great help from the folks at The Stove Shop, generous recycling of unwanted tile from other friends, and Tim's DIY hearth tiling, we welcomed our wood stove this week.  Below is the chronicle of our wood stove installation.  Who knew some peace of mind could be this comforting and pretty?

Toddlers are really handy helpers.

 Goodbye Carpet!

 Laying the cement board.


 Grouting...I did not envy Tim at this point in the project.

 Almost finished hearth

  Our new chimney.  

Our woodstove!!! Nate calls it the Wood Oven, Syda calls it "HOT!"
(Yes, we are going to finish the hearth.  It needs a border around the edges and it'll be done)