Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - New U2!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

Just got home from picking it up, I've only made it to track 5 so far but it's amazing thus far. I'm admittedly a huge U2 fan and have loved all of their albums, including Zooropa and Pop so take that into consideration. This album is a bit different, but the thing is, every album is going to be different from the last - as they should be. No Line On The Horizon is still very obviously, recognizably U2, just with a few twists. It's certainly more bass driven than the previous two albums and the album benefits from it. I've got to finish listening to it before I really give you all my full take on it, but in the meantime enjoy this video of the title track and album opener. It's quite good, the song itself and you get to see the band in the studio which I always enjoy. There's also a couple of great quotes from Bono and Larry towards the end. Very fun!

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