Monday, March 16, 2009


The boys are into Pingu right now, a kids show from some European country featuring a penguin, his family and friends. It's all old school slow mo claymation and they don't actually speak any language you can understand no matter where you're from. It's all just gibberish and i like that - no catch phrases to get stuck on. Plus, when Tim & I watch we make up our own translations and that's just plain fun and entertaining right there.

Anyway, I was just putting on an episode for them and I asked Ben if he knew what Pingu's seal friend's name was.

"It's Robbie." (me)
"Really? Is that cause he does robberies?"
"Um, not it's just his name." I then burst out laughing and Ben laughed and was proud of himself. I thanked him for making me laugh. I realize that perhaps the City Lego set he got for his bday last week (complete with cops and robbers) may be influencing more aspects of his life than I thought.

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