Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend

Another amazing weekend...I hate to sound all sappy but I don't think I can hide it. Every tiem I'm starting to feel frustrated with something in life, or just feeling down or maybe in a rut we have these great, simple fun days that snap me right out of it and remind me of how lucky I am, how lucky my family is. We have to pay attention to the good stuff all around us, and that includes just each other and our own company. This weekend we've been blessed with some bigger fortunes, like a great visit with family and a special treat at the Music Hall. These are wonderful gifts and I'm so thankful for them and I'm really happy that I'm being more aware of enjoying the more hidden gifts as well. Each other's company, sunny and warm October days, quiet fall evenings.... Anyway, the point of this post is not to hear me ramble about how I'm enjoying our simple life but to share some of the highlights of it. At the moment we're enjoying a really wonderful weekend and have the pics to prove it.

First up, a visit with Adventure Uncle and Awesome Auntie at their home (which we love) and a visit with their awesome animals too! The boys (and parents) had a great time! Nate slept through a bit of the festivities but woke up just in time to see the goats trying to beat his uncle and big brother to the ground for access to the fresh leaves in their hands. They really are sweet as far as goats go, and believe me I know, I've spent more than my fair share of time around goats. You just can't put yummy food in front of a goat and expect them to be calm or rational about it, that's all. It's common sense.

Benny near the river in the backyard.

Notice how the goats are all heading towards Ben?
Give us the leaves boy and no one gets hurt.

So, weekends always have two days. That was Saturday. Sunday we went to see Dan Zanes in concert!!! If you haven't heard of him you probably don't have kiddos in your house. He's a wonderful song writer who is from NH (Shout out to the home crowd baby! I'm a maine transplant) and he was in a band called the Del Fuegos in the 80s. He started writing kids songs for his daughter and he's now made a pretty remarkable carreer out of it. His songs are really fun for kids and grown ups and he has a great folksy feel but with some funk and reggae and bluegrass and hip hop and any other genre depending on what he's feeling like. We bought the tickets months ago as Nate's bday present and I honestly had forgotten about the show until last week. We had an incredible time!!! We were three rows from the front which was just amazing! Granted, it was at the Music Hall which is a small little theater, but still it was really nice to feel and be so close to the music and the action. They opened up the whole front area and welcomed kids to come up and dance. Obviously, you expect good things from a kids' concert but I try not to get my hopes up because you never can tell. Different venue, different rules. We were able to take pictures but not with flash so they're pretty blury but hey, we know we were there and we had fun so that's all that counts. Ben watch the whole show from his seat (except the last three songs) he was having a blast and kept saying how awesome it was but he didn't want to dance, he wanted to study Dan Zanes & Friends and was happy to do so. Nate took about three songs to fully wake up from his nap and realize what was going on. Once they started Jump Up he really woke up and was sooo happy and started dancing. So, enough of the rambling review. Here are some pics.

From our seat, it was close, really!

Dan Zanes plays a mean Mandolin - and he has awesome hair!

Nate - Post-Concert walk to get Ice Cream. btw, I made those pants for him from scratch today in an hour. It was a major accomplishment in my crafty world! I also fully realize and accept that it may never happen again.

B skipping along home.

Now, this weekend is a long weekend thanks to Columbus' affair so we may be adding to this post tomorrow night. We plan to hike Blue Jobe (local mini-mountain) with some friends tomorrow and so if I can get some good pics I'll happily share them. Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful autumn weekend!!!

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