Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Night Movie Night - Star Wars Clone Wars TV Series

The title should sum it up for you. B has been waiting for this to come on air since the adds started the end of August. I didn't watch much of this, to no one's surprise. I busied myself with making Banana Bread and Organic Rice Krispie treats for the hour that his was one. (BTW, using Organic brown puffed rice cereal really doesn't offset the 1/2 cup of margarine and marshmallows - next time I'm going to do it the 'right' way aka fully processed and refined crispies) Anyway, Ben and Tim seemed to enjoy it. Nate and I enjoyed our time in the kitchen, mixing ingredients and waiting for things to finish.

I think we're going to try to have movie night tomorrow since tonight was really a bust. We tend to watch our movie when we're ready, after we've all eaten, settled into comfy spots in the living room. Tonight, it was a constant chorus of Ben asking "Is it 9 yet?" And he was the only one really looking forward to what we were watching. Generally speaking we try to have something that we're all at least mildly interested in.

So, tomorrow we will begin the first of the Halloween Movie Nights! Halloween is huge for us. It's easily our favorite holiday and we are determined to make it the boys' favorite too. Tomorrow night we'll have a complete review for you of either Pooh's Heffalump Halloween or Clifford's Big Halloween. Tune in to find out which one we pick!

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