Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We just found a new home for Roco Meowazaki. We're all bummed. It's that simple. Nate is seriously allergic. I had my suspicions about it last week but yesterday when Ben rubbed Roco on Nate's face and his eyes swelled up within 5 minutes and we had to go to our doctor, I knew it was true. The doc gave Nate Zyrtec and it certainly helped but he still doesn't look good and I had no doubt that it was because of the kitty. So...I posted to all of the playgroups we go to and got two great responses. My friend C came and adopted the kitty just 30 minutes ago. She surprised her son with him, who had been saving his money to buy a kitten. He was sooo happy and thankful to have Roco as his own and as grateful as I am that Roco is going to a good home all of two miles away from us, I'm also heartbroken at having to watch my son's reaction to losing his first real pet.

I know it had to be done. There was no way that I'd medicate Nate indefinetely just to keep a cat but it still sucks. hard. I think in a few days Ben will be totally all right about it and not really care too much but tonight, watching him cry and now seeing him curled up on the couch with Tim just reminds me of how fragile we are all. How easily bruised our hearts can be no matter what our age is.

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Emily said...

I'm sorry mama. Poor little ben. :(