Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ok, I'm not trying to be a liberal bitch here, but I don't think I can help it. The more I read about Palin and her views and the more I watch her interviewed the more I realize that she is dumb as all get out. I'm not a scholar by any means; in case you weren't sure. You're reading blog by a stay at home mom who dropped out of college twice ok? But you know what? I'm not running for the second highest office in the land! It'd be one thing if they were just interviewing this lady and she couldn't answer the questions, but come on! She's in line to be the VP to a man who would be the oldest president in our history. So, you'd think she'd be reading up on some stuff before sitting down with Katie Couric right? Evidently not.

If the goal is to get voters she certainly has an odd approach. I'm not talking about the die-hard Republicans, they will vote with their party no matter what. I'm talking about the undecideds, the female undecideds who may seriously be considering McCain and Palin. Then the thought crosses my mind that she's not working very hard to seduce them with her intellect and that it really might not matter too much anyway - they may still go to her because she has that "every woman" appeal. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Nightmares ensue or worse yet, I can't sleep because I'm up fuming about her latest answer to "What are some other Supreme Court decisions you disagree with?" That's tonight's problem.

Make no mistake, there is no chance in the world that I was ever going to vote for McCain. But there are a lot of undecided voters out there, and a lot of female voters. For McCain to assume that "all we women" would be so mad at Obama for not adding Hillary to the ticket that we'd jump ship and run to him because he selected the pitbull in lipstick is just disgusting, insulting, and infuriating. We are a country of PEOPLE, not sexes. I will not vote for Palin because we both have vaginas and breasts. (Not to mention that she doesn't use her breasts for their intended purpose for her special needs, four month old baby- but that's another post.) I also wouldn't have voted for Hillary just because she has the same anatomy either. I want to vote for MY representative. The person who best embodies my beliefs of how this country should be. McCain and Palin are doing all women a great disservice by treating us like a homogeneous group. You don't have to do a lot of studying to realize that America is an enormous blend of people and an even larger variety of values, faiths, and ideals. To attempt to fit us all into a few simple categories is a mistake and a clear sign that McCain is truly out of touch with real Americans. Even a two time college drop out knows that.

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the good life mama said...


Great post!!

I think we met once, at the Rochester public Library. I am Heather, Noah and Henry's Mom, also a friend of Hilaree's. I found your blog on her list. Anyway, loved the video, I plan to pass it on to friends. I mean, come on, couldn't she have at least prepared a bit?! Jeez, makes me want to go canvassing right now.
Best-- Heather