Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Times

This weekend our town hosted its annual fair. It's a small town fair, with booths featuring local crafters, businesses, food vendors and games. There was a collection of bounce houses, a rock wall and a huge inflated slide. There was an antique car show, a parade full of sirens and lights and floats. The highlight for us was the kids Doll Carriage and Bike Parade. All kids 8 and under were encouraged to decorate their bikes or doll carriages and participate in the parade.

Nate was more than enthusiastic about being a part of this. He decided he wanted his bike to become a rocket, which is fitting since his bike is actually a Huffy Rock It. Tim outfitted the bike with cardboard, tape and zip ties to secure a great rocket frame and Nate & Ben decorated it. (and the front steps a bit)

The day of the parade was 85, sunny and without a breeze to be felt most of the day. Nate buckled up and rode his bike through it, right to 3rd place!!! The rest of the day was filled with time in bounce houses, obstacle courses, some classic games and cooling off with Sno Cones. I have to say, this small town is really starting to feel like home.

The winners in mid-ride. The Pilot at the top of the picture came in first, then the cowgirl and her horse, and then our astronaut and his rocket!

*Ben was with us. We had a scheduling mishap and Ben & Tim had to join us after the Bike Parade. Ben was disappointed about missing it and the fair itself may have been smaller than he had hoped. The heat sure didn't help generate much enthusiasm either - BUT a visit with friends afterwards and a long afternoon spent swimming in their pool certainly did.

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