Monday, February 28, 2011

On A Rainy, Cold, Gray Day

A little girl plays cards.

A mama sews.

A preschooler crafts his own doll clothes.

Brothers cheer each other on while playing their games.

Nate is playing on Poisson Rogue and Ben discovered Arcade Diner today, a virtual buffet of math and mind games for 6-10 year olds. We found this site thanks to Clickschooling, a daily email with links to great educational, fun and interesting sites. A big thank you to our friend from our local homeschooling group who shared it with us. I also spent a good hour or so playing a game called Arcs on this site. It's so addictive. You can get it for your phone too.


Sarah said...

Wallace loves computer games! I have to check those out.

MainelyMama said...

They are addictive! Just a warning! Poisson Rouge is great, it's free of ads and characters etc, just good kids games! Hope Wallace likes it!