Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tunes

I usually let the song do the talking for Tuesday Tunes, but there's an exception to every rule. I won't say much, just that you have to check out this band and listen to as many of their songs as you can get your hands on. Over the Rhine is a husband and wife team who have been writing and playing together for decades. Their story is very captivating and their collaborating process is interesting from a musical and personal standpoint. Once you've watched this video, check out the rest on YouTube, visit their site, buy their albums and ENJOY! (Desperate for Love is on this album, but I'd get them all if you can)

Desperate For Love - Over the Rhines

Are you feelin’
A little desperate

Get on your knees
And confess it
Honey please
Don’t second guess it
You’re desperate
For love

Is this just
A little fling
Or is it about
A little bling bling
Either way
You feel the sting sting
You’re desperate
For love

It might only take a kiss
For the plot to take a twist
That you hadn’t counted on

Just a tiny little minute
But eternity will be in it
If you turn me on

Red wine on my lips
Got this black silk slip on my hips
The kitchen faucet just drips and drips
You’re desperate for love

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