Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anatomy Of A Workspace

This is my desk, aka workspace. Someday, we'll have our own gigantic house that will contain two amazing dream spaces. One, an office just for Tim and his three monitor desk set up, wireless headphones and whatever else he dreams of. Two, a studio space for me, with a small desk, a big table for my sewing machine to live on and a comfy rocking chair and lots of storage space for yarn. In the meantime, we work with what we've got - and really we've got a lot. Specifically, I've got a lot of projects taking over my desk. Allow me to show you around...

Top of the desk covered in books, KnitPicks Options knitting set, a gorgeous skein of turquoise yarn that I intend to make socks from, and the two jars of assorted stitch markers, row counters, needle point protectors, DPNs and pens, scissors, and fabric pencils. There is also a large box with half of an order from KnitPicks that is not mine, truly! If anything, I brag about my knitting purchases, not hide them.

There is a white board behind my desk. I use it to keep track of what I'm working on, and write down upcoming birthdays or other gift giving opportunities. It also holds random notes such as what's scribbled on there now, "Canopy Fingering - Wispy Cardi"which is just my attempt to track down the right yarn for a spring time project.

The cubes are actually organized, though you can't see them in detail here. Left side bottom is knitting notions, left side top is sewing paraphernalia, right side bottom contains random office stuff, like post its and right side top holds our mailing needs.

On the desk:
The cutting board - because I used it yesterday to work on this project:
Which is also on the desk under the bag to the right of the netbook. See it peaking out from under the canvas?

Inside the bag, the most recently finished knitting project. (just some finishing work to do. Isn't that every knitter's least favorite part?)

Behind the netbook awaits the next knitting project and the yarn to make it. Tuesday was a happy day around here, when this yarn arrived. It's KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky and the pattern is Oatmeal Pullover, available at Magpie Patterns.

Last, but not least, two scores from a very quick library trip today. Cowlgirls, an entire book of cowls! I actually did a double take when I saw this on the shelf. Brave New Knits is just below it and I can't wait to really sit down with it. It's a collection of patterns from knitting bloggers and the foreward was written by Jessica - the co-founder of Ravelry! Really, this is a nice substitute for my lack of knitting group tonight.

Also always found on my desk, and featured in this post, random knitting needles (they were like that on the books, I didn't place them. Which either shows I have innate staging skills, or that I have way more needles than I thought and that I should fashion some kind of storage for them. That of course means another project involving fabric and sewing, so really where is the sense in putting away the cutting board?

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Jasmine said...

I just finished a variation of that Oatmeal Pullover. I've been wearing it everyday. Good luck with it.