Monday, October 4, 2010

Picking Time

We managed to hold the kids off until the first weekend of October. I think that's a pretty respectable start, especially considering that Ben has been wanting to pick a pumpkin since mid-September. He's been pushing to take out the Halloween decorations too - so it might be time to start digging out the boxes in the garage. Anyway, our first Halloween activity this year was a success.

We visited a local farm and had a decent crop of Pumpkins to choose from. They did not have any apples though, not many of the farms in the area do this year. I love apple picking each fall, I look forward to it every year. This year however, thanks to an early warm up in the spring and then a sudden frost in May, a huge percentage of the crops at all of our local farms did not make it through the growing season. In fact, at this farm that we visited on Saturday, they had to have their apples brought in from another farm so they had some to sell in the gift shop area.
We won't give up though, there is a farm about 40 minutes away with a great crop this year and tons of PYO. Now to get ourselves in the car and head over there when it's not raining!

The boys each picked out their own pumpkin, and Nate generously picked out a smallish one for Sydney. She thought the stem was very tasty. We'll hold off carving them for a few more weeks, and in that time focus on putting up decorations, narrowing down costumes for trick or treating and even pick some apples. I'm sure we'll probably end up with a few more pumpkins along the way too. Our favorite holiday is coming up!!!


Adrienne said...

There's Appleview in Pittsfield, way up on a big Hill- they have FANTASTIC apples right now because they're so high up it didn't get as warm there, and there are tons. They have a bouncy castle on weekends too :)

MainelyMama said...

Ohhh, thanks A!!! That's great to know. There is one place near us in Farmington that has apples for PYO and that's it. Pittsfield could be a fun trip and a bouncy castle is always appealing to the boys. :)