Sunday, October 17, 2010

BCM Or Bust!

We ventured to the Boston Children's Museum on Friday and had a fabulous time! I'll admit, I was really nervous about driving into Boston, on my own, with the kids. I'm not familiar with city driving at all.(shocking, I know, see how you learn little known facts thanks to a blog?) So I was worried about missing the turn for the parking garage, or an exit or any of the other mishaps that could easily happen to us on unknown, busy roads. We made it just fine though, and made it well worth our while. We spent a good 5 hours there, and still didn't make it to every exhibit. WELL worth the minor stress I had heading out, and made our Reciprocal Membership with the Children's Museum of NH a smart purchase for the third year in a row!

Exploring the three story climbing structure.

The Bubble Room was very popular!

Tied for first place with the Bubble Room is the Dance Floor. Check out Ben's excellent Dodgeball skills!

The beginning of the three story climbing structure.

Peep! (this thing is bigger than me, and yellow! I must have it!)

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the good life mama said...

Fun! My boys love that climbing structure. We have the same membership, and although I'm sure you know this (I did not), it is also good at The Museum of Science. Noah could live there for a year and still not get enough. Hope you are all good!