Monday, October 25, 2010

Casting On, Binding Off

I've managed to get quite a few projects completed in the last two months. The key to this sudden rise in productivity? Deadlines. The things I've finished were all time sensitive and I'll tell you, it seems to make a difference. It's funny to me how knitting, my leisurely, relaxing hobby can still be just as calming even under pressure. It really is versatile.

Two of my favorite projects were these hats for a friend of mine who is fighting Leukemia. It was hard to put these down while working on them, the patterns were fun and different and knowing they were going to add some cheer and comfort to a friend's day, well, what better motivation? The surprise personal benefit of working on these hats is that they forced me to learn how to use Double Pointed Needles or DPNs. I've always been terrified of them and thought they were for very advanced knitters and something I'd get around to when the kids are in college. Well, Ha DPNs! Ha I say! I managed these very well, with the kids in the house, including frequent nursing breaks for the toddler and mediation sessions with the 7 and 4 year old.

I see some cozy winter hats on my needles for this Yule! (Indeed, there is one already started now)


Jamie said...

These hats are beautiful Leila! That blue yarn looks lovely. I enjoyed reading about using the DPN's for the first time. I was quite scared of these myself being a beginner knitter and all. After getting the hang of it, they no longer have power over me...LOL!

jaimee.gould said...

Leila, these are GORGEOUS!! I'm so impressed. <3 your friend is going to love, love, love them. It makes me kinda wish I had no hair too.

Jaime - you'll need to start coming to knitting night!!

MainelyMama said...

Thanks guys! That blue yarn is just Lion Brand Jiffy - can you believe that? It's sooo soft though. I should link the patterns here too...meant to do that. Jaimee, I SO wish Jamie could come to knitting night too, she's in Concord. Though maybe we can convince her one of these days. :)