Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Post

Because I want to blog but am too tired to write so I give you pictures instead. Enjoy!

Natey-Roo on the swingadoo.

Benny on the swing, this is picture attempt #5, as you can tell by his expression. He was a patient kiddo, the camera is just old and the delay is pitifully long.

MainelyMama thinking "What? You guys want to stay out here longer?" See the furrowed brow - I was shocked that my boys wanted to stay on the freezing, windy playground but they did.

MainelyDada - sporting his new LFG hat. Anyone know what it stands for? My bet is Adventure Uncle will but that none of my friends or family will. Am I right?

1 comment:

Dan said...

*lol* ONLY cause I looked it up on the Internet. :) Had nooooo idea. *grin*