Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm IT!

Is it totally juvenile that I'm so excited to be tagged? I've seen this around and have been waiting for someone to tag me for a little bit now. Thankfully, my SIL knows what a sucker I am for this stuff and she tagged me and made my dreams come true and provided you all with this post. :) Ok, so the way it works is I tell you all six random things about myself and then I tag six others. Thanks Auntie Kara!!!

1) I swore from the time I was 14 on that I was never having children. Funny how saying that is not an effective form of birth control. (that said, my boys are my world, no question)

2) I can't "envision" my future. I just can't see that far ahead and imagine where I'll be and where we'll be as a family. I know what I wish for though...

3) I haven't talked to my sister since my Dad died over three years ago.

4) I suck at talking on the phone - or at least think I do - but I love when people call me.

5) I had dreams about Tim before we ever met and have had vivid dreams about each of my boys at age 2 before I was even pregnant with either of them.

6) I want to move south and get away from this freaking New England winters that last 6 months but I don't want to leave our network of friends and family here. Can you all just move with me please? Commune anyone?


Adrienne - Cause this is SO something we would have done in high school if we blogged then so let's do it now!

- You're probably giving birth as I type this, or wishing you were, but in case you aren't and need something to distract you, I tag you!

- Because your stories kill me and you're one of my favoritest people in the universe. woot.

- Cause your blog is eye opening and humbling.

Tim - maybe, if you're up after work tonight and bored. lol.

Lauren - Because Yia Yia's make the world go round!

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