Tuesday, November 11, 2008

big ole sigh

Last week was crazy, in a great way, but just full to the brim of stuff to do and places to go and not enough time to do get all of it accomplished. The LLL of ME & NH Conference was on Saturday and for some insane reason, still unbeknown to me, my friend Alyssa who runs the whole shinding asked me to be her AACS. AACS stands for Associate Area Conference Supervisor (she's the ACS) or as I've renamed it Able to Accomodate Crazy Shit - cause that's what happens the last few days before the conference. lol. I say this without anger, it's just the way it is with anything like this and it's bound to happen so you just have to roll with it and figure out how to deal. It all went really well and we've gotten some great feedback which is encouraging and helpful for next year. In the meantime, this week I've decided to take a breath and just chill out with the boys. We're keeping our schedule clear and doing what the boys want and relaxing. Although we do have a LLL Toddler meeting on Thursday. ;)

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