Monday, November 24, 2008

Forest Fridays

We had our first Forest Fridays this past week. Thanks to our friend Alyssa who pulled this all together and got us organized and out into the woods. The idea for this came from an article in Mothering magazine about Kindergartens in Germany & Switzerland that are located outside. The entire kindergarten day is held outside no matter the weather, with free, unrestricted play. The only rules being that the children have to stay within a certain distance of the teachers and not wander off. The article is entitled Forest For A Classroom and it's in the November/December issue of Mothering. It's not online or I'd link to it for you. We're hoping to make this a regular thing so look for more pics from Forest Fridays!

Mamas and babes setting out! Big kids are already way ahead!

Nate at the head of the trail. He looks a bit confused about the whole premise.

Nate was very proud of this find.

Jaimee & Lily (hidden in the coat) and Anne & Callie!

Ben & Henning exploring a frozen puddle. All of the kids were really interested in the ice that they could see in puddles and the streams leading to the pond.

Nate playing in the same ice puddle pictured above.

Nate leading the way with Jaimee, Lily, Alyssa & Elijah.

Ben at the beginning of the trail.

Ben & Henning waiting for everyone else to catch up. They didn't have babies/toddlers to wear.

Heading back home....

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