Thursday, September 18, 2008

wahhhh the hell?

I'm feeling very blah today. I have no idea why, which irritates me and adds to the overall blahness. I've had a good day, the boys hung out with my mom for an hour while I went to an appointment (Nate did not enjoy this and cried 45 of the 60 minutes I was gone), we went to the playground for a while (although there was nasty little girl there and her mom was trying to tella ll of the kids that weren't hers what to do) but we still had fun, just far away from that mom & daughter team. i don't know....I just feel confused. No logic to it really, and no fun story to blog about to explain any of it - it just is. But I feel the need to get it the hopes maybe that it'll make me feel better. I guess we'll see.

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Hilaree said...

I'm sorry you're feeling yuck. Sometimes the change in seasons does that to me - makes me feel like I need to straighten up and fly right and when of course that doesn't happen...I feel poopy.