Monday, August 16, 2010

Growing Right Along

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Things are starting to really grow and rippen in our "garden" these days. I say "garden" because we have a container garden. We don't have the space to actually plant a garden, though someday we will and I will relish in the tilling of the soil, planting the seeds and watching an abundanec of produce fill our kitchen. That's what happens when you have your own garden right? It's easy, right? Ok, so I know it's not as idealic as I imagine but until I have that big garden I'm quite content with the porch produce we're seeing this year.

This is the actual garden. From left to right (way in the corner the other side of the fence) are the Cucumbers. Then back on the porch from left: Lavendar, Rosemary, Lavender(again), Four tomato plants split between those two large black containers, Parsley,Chives Basil, Pepper Plant. the two railing boxes have petunias and pansies and one also has Pinneapple mint and Spearmint. Not too shabby for our first real attempt!

First cuke!

Bell Pepper

Lavender seedlings, they're a good inch taller now, just a week later.

Tomatoes - which ripen VERY fast and all at the same time evidently!

Geranium from one of the hanging baskets. It's important to have some pretty in the garden along with the useful.

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