Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Things

All sorts of good crafty things are in the making right now. Most are birthday presents since three of the five members of our family have birthdays in September. I'm not really a fan of crafting under a deadline, but for these fine folks I do so happily! I can't reveal anything via the blog just yet, but here's a glimpse.

Elephants!!!! From JAPAN!!!! Please visit Lisa at This and That From Japan for your own. She's so nice to order from and her shop is full of so much cute stuff. You'll be inspired instantly! This is thanks to the gift card that I won courtesy of SouleMama's blog a few weeks ago.

My fabric from Japan! I might just be a total nerd here, but I think it's really cool to see mail from another country in my mailbox.

Yarn! Really, how can there be a post entitled Good Things that doesn't involve yarn?

Cascade 220 - soon to be longies.

This is clearance yarn too!!! Our LYS has a sale about twice a year when they change out inventory and you can get discontinued skeins for 50% off. You have to buy all of the dye lot that they have, but in my case that was 3 skeins of the shetland on the left and two skeins of the Cuzco on the right. Heavenly!

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