Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tunes - Inauguration Edition

Ok, so I don't dare to say anything about what an incredible day this is for fear of not doing it justice and not adequately expressing what I feel, think and hope for our country now that this day has come. SO, I'm going to stick to the music theme for Tuesday's and share some clips from the performance piece of the inauguration this afternoon. Not surprisingly, U2's performance is my favorite, but not simply because it's U2 but because of what they performed (and because they didn't play their new single). Look for President Obmama's reaction to Bono's dedication right before City of Blinding Lights....ahh, it's priceless!

Next up is The Boss singing The Rising - if you haven't listened to the album you should get it, buy it, borrow it, whatever you need to do. It's an incredible piece of art. It was written after 9/11 and it's clear to hear those overtones when you watch the lyrics. Yet, I found it bitterwsweet that it still had such validity today. It's been a long, rough eight years hasn't it? Well, it's over now and things are going to change. I'm not one to think that we can expect or even hope for a change to occur quickly, it's taken us a while to get into the situation we're in now as a country and it will take time, patience, money, resources and hope to get us out. But at least now we have a President who is in touch with the majority of the country and who listens to advice from a variety of trained, experienced peers. There's hope now, and that counts for a lot.
Anyway, enjoy and congratulations President Obama, congratulations America!!!!

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