Friday, January 9, 2009

Seriously, what the eff?

WARNING - Discussion of Nate's bodily fluids and part 14 of the Stomach Virus Saga

- It's gross people, read at your own risk -

What a way to wake up. I was snoozing away, enjoying the third night in a row that Nate has slept from about 11 - almost 7 or 8 like an average toddler and bam! I'm instantly awoken by the sound of a little boy throwing up - all over my chest. Good morning sunshine!!! Not to say that Nate was enjoying himself, but he at least had a little warning of what was coming. I was blissfully unaware. Such is the life of a mom and I'd much rather change just my pjs and Nate's than have to strip a crib or toddler bed and do that load of laundry so I can't complain really. Except that it's been happening a lot lately, this puking thing, and I've had enough!!!

I'm at a loss. He coughed a little bit first and then was sick, but not too badly. SO, I was convinced that the dry air in the house is making his nose/sinuses worse and causing him to cough and then puke. We moved into the other bedroom to let Ben keep sleeping, and I put on the humidifier (all of this after changing Nate and I out of pukey clothes of course) and we settled in to watch a little Pooh Bear and feel better. Ten minutes later the other end exploded. One of the scarier sounds I've heard recently. Nate didn't seem phased by it but then again he didn't have to change it. I don't get this. Nate has been fine, he's been playing and running around and being his normal little self and then wham! he gets hit again like he's sick but he's not. No fever, no crabbiness, no food aversions, he's snacking as I type this.

My best guess is food allergy. That has to be it right? Cause see, if it's food allergy I can figure that out, I can deal with it. If it's a phantom virus that keeps tricking me into thinking it's run its course and then hits me with a left hook of my child puking on me while I sleep again I'll lose my mind!

For now, I'm keeping an eye on Nate. He seems fine now and is eating breakfast and talking about going to music class this morning. That's the other kicker, today is the first day of our 10 week Music Together class. It's held just up the road from us so we can walk there and it's an all ages class so the boys can go together and we got a discount thanks to the awesome teacher, who also hosts our LLL meeting in her Portsmouth facility now. So, the idea of having to cancel because Nate was sick is not appealing. Now, if he had a fever and was still sick now and not eating I wouldn't take him - so calm yourselves, for those thinking I'd risk other kiddos health so my sons can sing the Hello Song and bang drums - I'm not that cheap.

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