Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Season I Dislike

I didn't say HATE for a reason, simply because I don't want to incur more of Mother Nature's wrath via snow, sleet, freezing rain and other fun winter weather. It's also the season that brings us countless strains of sickness. At the moment we're making our way through the nastiness that is the stomach bug. Nate had it last week but really did very well with it. I'll spare you all the lovely details but suffice to say that besides some obvious indicators that his stomach was unwell he seemed like his usual self. No major fever, no crankiness (in addition to normal cranks that is) and he wasn't avoiding food either so not a huge deal. I thought we were safe - this is the mistake every parent makes when one child gets sick and then three days pass before another becomes ill. Alas, I thought we were safe and then last night it hit me. I feel better today, considerably healthier than I did last night at 11pm as lay on the linoleum of our bathroom floor but still not great. That said, I'm now waiting and watching to see if Ben or Tim get sick too. Ben took an especially long time in the bathroom earlier today and I assumed he was feeling badly too...not the case, he was playing with tub animals in the sink. So, the bullet is dodged for now and I hope for a while. At the very least, I'm thankful that this malady hasn't hit us all at once and instead appears to be staggering things so I'm able to take care of who is sick and not be a mess myself. So, here's hoping that I feel totally back to normal by tomorrow and that the illness skips Ben & Tim all together or if they get it it's one at a time and not a tidal wave of sick. Here's hoping! And wishing you and your family are healthy and happy.

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Hilaree said...

I hope you're all feeling better today!! I HATE WINTER. There I'll be the one to say it!! xoxo