Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's official now ~ as of April 8th I am an accredited La Leche League Leader! I've been working on this since the end of summer and am of course very proud and a little relieved that it's now complete. I got involved with my local LLL 6 weeks after Nate was born. My first two meetings were good, but a little overwhelming. I was postpartum, with a preemie and had just moved to a new place and left the workforce to be a stay at home mom indefinetely. Just a few life changes all at once, huh? La Leche League and specifically the absolutely inspiring moms that I met there helped get me through. Many of the moms of this group are now my close friends and have enriched my life in countless ways. I'm thankful for them, everything about them, every day.

I was really nervous about becoming a stay at home mom. I was worried that I'd fail at being a good mother to two kids after only being a mom to one for three years, I was afraid that I'd want to go back to work to be away from my kids, I was scared that I'd be isolated from other adults, especially other women - through LLL I overcame all of these fears, in fact they were removed completely. Thanks to LLL I learned valuable information that helped Nate and I get off to a great start with our nursing relationship, which is hard with any newborn and mother and especially with challenges like prematurity and jaundice. Thanks to LLL I gained confidence in myeslf, as a nursing mother, as a parent, as a friend, as a partner, as a woman. I'm incredibly proud to sit here now and be able to extend my knowledge to other women who are also nursing, or pregnant or parenting or all of the above. I've worked hard for this and it's one step in a long process to reach a larger career goal, but I know I'll always be proud to be a LLL Leader and honored to share this responsibility with my amazing co-leaders.

That said, you can check out our area LLL at We're hosting a Breastfeeding Walk on May 31st to raise funds so that our area leaders can attend a educational seminar in Albany, NY this summer. We'd love to have you join us or support us in any way you can!!! Please email me or leave a comment if you can help!!!

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Congratulations, Leila!