Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Budgies, Weees and Dohs

Come over to our place and these are the words you might hear right now. Nate is starting to get very, very vocal and what's coming out is just too sweet and funny. He's still using his signs frequently and often uses them as he's speaking the word as well, for added clarification I think. Ben did this too with the signs and I know it's just how they process it, and I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

Nate's most popular words right now are as follows:

Budgies - sounds like "budge - eees" - The name for bunnies. This is mainly in reference to Annie's Bunny Grahams and Max and Ruby, (the cartoon) but is applied to all bunnies.

Weees - Sounds like "Weeeeeeees!" - The word for Slide. Nate's favorite activity at any playground is the slide, no contest. Thankfully we've also got a small slide in the backyard just right for him, so we don't have to drive to a playground to enjoy the Weees. At the playground today I asked him if he wanted to go down the slide, his response was a very clear head shake NO! followed by pointing at the slide and saying "Weees!" I then asked, "Do you want to go on the Wees?" He nodded vigorously.

Dohs - Sounds like "Dohs" as in Playdoh. Nate says this while pointing his finger, or wagging it. He's most often seen wagging his finger at the floor and saying "Doh! Dohs!" in a very stern voice. It sounds silly because you can probably guess what word this is, but it took Tim and I a while to figure it out. We believe this word is Don't. Where the finger wagging came from though I'm really not sure. I don't wag my finger at the least I don't think I do.

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