Monday, November 21, 2011

Spaces - May The Force Be With Me

There are all sorts of special places and items inside a home. I've decided to start trying to do a new "series" here about some of the spaces in our home. I'm going to start with a silly one, because it's Monday, and who doesn't need a little chuckle on a Monday?

Tonight, I was cleaning up after dinner, wiping down the counters and I spotted something behind the soap dispenser. I thought it was a wrapper or a piece of an envelope at first. Oh no, it was not. It was the one and only....Princess Leia! Not Ewok Leia, but the quintessential
Hair Buns Leia! I took this as a sign that she was meant to be in my kitchen, why else would one of my children's toys have wound up on the kitchen counter, far away from all the other Star Wars figures?

It's clear she's meant to be here watching over things. Making sure no one puts rubber bands on my sprayer, that there is soap in the pump. I mean, why else does she have that rocking gun? I really wish that the gun was full of compressed air and could take care of the dust on my window sill. Of course, I could do that with a damp cloth too, but it's not nearly as fun as using an action figure. House cleaning action figures? I may be onto something big here... (Or just really overtired from a fun weekend)

Anyway, I did what any geeky mom would do. Instead of returning her, only to be lost again in the overflowing bin of Galactic Heroes, I placed her in a secure location. It happens to have a good visual of the surroundings and high potential to make me laugh when I'm doing the chore I hate most. I think she looks perfect here. It has to beat Jabba's Palace!

And yes, I would SO buy that Galactic Hero version of her too.


Adrienne said...

Sammy and I used to do the elastic band on sprayer trick ALL the time :)

Jasmine said...

I actually just wrote (but haven't yet published)a post on spaces. Is it the time of year? Maybe we could collaborate, with some other moms too and do a series on spaces--just an idea. I wonder if Adrienne would be in.

I love the idea of tiny action figures watching out for us throughout the day, and doing our chores! You're definitely onto something.

MainelyMama said...

I'd love to collaborate on that subject Jasmine. I bet we can get Adie in on it too. :)