Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Thanks to a post on Tasty Kitchen I was inspired to try to make our own Goldfish crackers. We made our first batch was a few weeks ago and it turned out pretty well, so I decided to make more this week. This time with the aid of little hands. They're incredibly simple, only four ingredients, no preservatives and we always have the ingredients on hand. Plus, it's one of the few foods the kids can help with and not make a bigger mess.

They're also customizable! We made fish, circles and triangle cracker cutters, and Nate made a few 6s. (Another benefit of homeschooling - see how you can LEARN while doing something? Something fun, with your family? I'll leave that for another post though. ahem)

We made these on a Tuesday, with the idea that we'd have plenty to bring with us to the park the next day. These poor fish didn't swim very far. They barely made it through the afternoon. Guess we'll be making a double batch next time.

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