Thursday, September 15, 2011


Five. 5! Five! Nate turns five today. With each child's birthday, I'm surprised that another entire year has passed. It feels especially important this year since it's Nate's fifth birthday. There is just something about being five that screams independence and signals growing up. It is the official entrance into 'Big Kid' territory.

Nate seems to know this. The past few weeks he's been very proud of all the big changes headed his way this year. He's thoroughly enjoying being a Kindergartner and he asks to take out his workbooks before he's had any breakfast each day. (and before I've had any tea) He's been making cards for cousins and friends, practicing his letters and taking pride in his ability to share messages with his favorite people. The biggest marker for me as Mama, is seeing his growing independence. He's begun to tag along with Ben and his friends at the playground, he takes great care of Syda and always tries to help her, he seems to go out of his way to make Tim & I laugh each day with a joke or silly face. He's become such a dynamic personality. He's not just the baby brother anymore. He's a kid. A wonderful, funny, kind, loving, fearless, wild, sweet, adorable kid. We're so lucky he's a part of our family. Happy birthday Nate!!!

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