Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Days

Some days are a weird combination of wonderful, serene, confusing, disappointing and hopeful. Today was one of those. I lead a fun Toddler LLL Meeting this morning. We had a great visit with friends all afternoon, enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, ate yummy food, talked, laughed and played.

We got home to a sunny house, with a fresh breeze running through it. We found out we aren't getting another house we wanted. We had a tasty dinner that was also healthy AND all of the kids liked it. We realized we have wonderful plans for the weekend. We remembered it's only one more day until the weekend!

I bathed a sweet girl with her broken leg and didn't get her cast wet, and got her clean. Nate told me he misses nursing, but only a tiny, tiny bit - he "has almond milk now and likes that a lot". Syda discovered the tattoo on my arm and keeps signing 'bird'.

Writing down our day makes me rethink putting the word disappointing anywhere on this page.

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