Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ben's 8th birthday is tomorrow. 8. Eight. Eight! Eight? It doesn't seem quite possible and it feels like a monumental age to me. When he turned five, I remember thinking it was an important birthday. It seemed to mark the end of his younger years and fully established him as a "big kid". I didn't think I'd feel that kind of significance about his birthday again until he turned ten. I was wrong.

Eight is proving to feel very poignant for me. I can't decipher why just yet, I'm assuming his growing confidence and independence have a lot to do with it. He's grown into his own person very fully now, and although I'm still his mom and provide guidance and safety, he's growing up and needing me a little less. He's venturing out more and more and as his bravery grows, my faith and pride in him does as well. I'll admit it though, a little part of my heart aches too. Ah, the lovely dichotomy of parenthood.

Cupcakes shared with friends at homeschool group this week.

Syda had a particular interest in the cupcakes. She refers to them as, "Uh uh!" complete with head shaking "No." This translates directly into, "My mom is SO mean! She won't let me eat all of those cupcakes."

Gift bags for Ben's presents. Reusable, bright, fun colors and
durable. Certain to be seen for the next family gift giving.

Ben is oblivious to all my sewing and knitting and busy movements today, or he's being a very polite 7 year old and acting like he doesn't know what I'm up to. I think it's the latter. That and the Wolves of the Beyond series, is very engaging.


Joy said...

Oh my goodness, EIGHT!! Happy happy birthday, mama and B!

Also, LOVE those bags and seriously jealous of your sewing machine.

Jasmine said...

Eight does seem huge. My heart is fluttering a bit just thinking of it. Wylie will be 8 this summer. This has been such a huge year of growth for him. Enjoy this special day!

Hilaree said...

Hey you...haven't seen or talked to you in awhile! Happy Birthday to Ben. Wow!

Hope you're well - been thinking about you.

MainelyMama said...

Jasmine, be prepared for the shock of just HOW much growing Wylie has done. Ben went for his check up yesterday, and even though we knew he had grown, we could see the physical changes, I was blown away. Ten pounds and four inches of growth in one year. He's been busy! :)

Joy, they were whipped together super fast, but I can show you how if you want. VERY easy! Maybe we should have a tutu/bag making session?

Hilaree - I miss you and your littles so! Perhaps we'll get to see you more as the warm weather comes back? I hope so!