Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, we're in the thick of it now folks! It's the middle of September, which means two birthdays down, one to go. But who's counting? Well, our little boy was up until a few days ago. Actually, he's still counting, the question has just changed from, "When will I be four?" to, "How many days have I been four?"

First up was Dada's birthday which featured Monster Cupcakes. We honor all cake requests on birthdays and Tim decided he wanted monster related cupcakes (NOT cake) for his celebration. He and the boys did a fine job creating some funny, creepy and weird looking dudes. I think it's safe to say they had more fun decorating than eating them because each monster was stripped of his/her decorative marshmallows, twizzlers and candies before being consumed. My guys are purists I guess, frosting and cake only.

Nate's cake was furnished by the Dada bakery. He did all of the frosting and decorating. I had fully expected Nate to go for the Perry The Platypus cake that I was planning to make him, but the week of his birthday he changed his mind and insisted on Batman. I'm really not sure where the sudden interest in Batman is coming from. He doesn't watch Batman cartoons (or ask to) but this year, a Batman cake was a must. I'm still hoping for a Perry cake sometime, maybe I can talk Ben into it.

Nate's Brobee Hat
I had also expected he might ask for a Yo Gabba Gabba caek, but no. At least he didn't ask for a Batman hat, I'm not sure what that pattern looks like, but I'm sure it involves charting and I am not up for that yet.

The best present of the day (tied for first with his Buzz Lightyear) was this scooter that Tim & I found. The week before Tim & I went shopping for Nate's presents he asked for a scooter for his birthday. Specifically, he wanted a scooter with three wheels and Spiderman on it (again, not sure where Spiderman comes from, assuming he snuck in with Batman). We didn't promise anything, and honestly, we weren't even going to look for one because we had just bought bikes for both boys in May. Also, we live in Maine, so there's not a long season of bike and scooter riding and we're nearing the end of it. We set off on our shopping adventures, and we went to Goodwill looking for Halloween costumes to fill up a Dress UP Box for Nate. No luck in that department but what did we find in the Toy section? A Razor scooter with three wheels for $2.99! Yeah, we're cheap like that and proud of it. Because really, does Nate know or care that it was three dollars? Does it lessen the joy that he'll get out of it? Did it leave more money in our wallet so we were able to get him some other rocking presents? This was the score of the birthday season in my book. He loves that scooter, loves it! I mean just look at the proof below.

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emily said...

julian is DYING for a scooter like that. I think we're going to get him one for xmas. i love nate's little face when he's sucking his thumb. xoxo