Monday, September 27, 2010

Homemade Day

It's officially Fall here. I know that for a couple reasons.

1) We've just had a stomach bug go through the whole family (with the exception of Syda, thank you Breastfeeding!) and 2) It's rainy, cool and dreary here and will be for the next three days or so. I take these as classic signs that the fall has begun and it's time to take refuge inside more often.

To entertain myself and the kids today, I pulled out the homemade stops. I started the day making Play Doh at 8am. That only took about 10 minutes to make and has given Nate close to two hours of enjoyment. We then went on to making Chocolate Chip cookies. Not the easiest thing with preschool and toddler assistants, but fun and yummy in the end!

We'll finish the day up with some homemade pizza for dinner. This crust is our new go-to recipe. The whole family loves it! It's really tasty and super easy, even though bread machine dough is easy to begin with, this one is just perfect! Now, the rush to finish up some homemade birthday gifts for the young lady of the house - that'll start long after dinnertime though.

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