Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

It's a very exciting Tuesday Tunes this week! The Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival is this weekend!!! I'm not sure that we'll actually make it this year, but I'm still damn giddy that it's happening and daydreaming about being there. Our absence has nothing to do with the festival itself but is a clear example of my lack of planning and procrastination. I kept thinking the end of July was so far away...um yeah, it was in May, not so much now.

Anyway, the Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival is a wonderful event that showcases traditional Bluegrass as well as general acoustic sets, including Honky Tonk, Gypsy Jazz and even Irish. The festival is also incredibly family friendly (from what I've been told from friends who take their young kids every year.) Your ticket includes the price of your own campsite so you can make yourself at home, venture out to see and hear the incredible music, visit vendors, make new friends, watch competitions in banjo picking, fiddling and even take workshops and compete in the songwriting championship.

So, with that as my inspiration this week I'm sharing two videos because I couldn't choose just one with so many great bands to pick from!

First up, Steep Canyon Rangers W/ Steve Martin. (he won't be there, but they will!)

Della Mae - I'll Get It Myself


the good life mama said...

Hi Leila-

Hope all is going well there for you guys! I love reading your blog and seeing how your little ones are doing.
I have a funny question for you (I think you guys are still in Kittery). Someone recently recommended a hair place in Kittery called Sugars, or so I thought. I can't find it. Ever heard of such a place? I really need my hair cut and was feeling so hopeful! Thanks! Take care--Heather

MainelyMama said...

Hi Heather!
Ok, this is sooo odd! There is a sign not 200 feet from our driveway for Sugarz! I haven't been there myself but I drive by the sign everyday. I'll follow it tomorrow and see if I can find the shop. I go to a place called Doo in Kittery that I'd highly recommend too, in particular I love Michelle there!

Hope all is well on your end!!!