Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Fortune

I was greeted with a wonderful, surprising email from Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama today. I had won, one of three giveaways offered by a sponsor of her blog this past weekend! Each weekend sponsors of her blog are featured and they offer a prize for a lucky reader who leaves a comment. So, this past weekend, I visited SouleMama, like I do most everyday, and I left a comment because I was so struck by the fabric featured. They are really adorable prints from Japan, all sorts of sweet patterns for making pretty much anything for my kiddos. Or, for just sitting there and staring at the prettiness of the pattern rather than cutting it.

I left the comment in the hopes of winning but I didn't think I would. I've left comments on the site before, and it's a very busy blog with hundreds of comments for prizes like this. I also took into account my lack of luck when it comes to giveaways. I won a huge stocking filled with board games when I was about eight at our local convenience store. From then until two years ago at a La Leche League event in Albany, I had won nothing. Nothing. At. All. I also will admit to being still slightly upset about not winning any swag from the recent Ravelry Search Party. (ok, I REALLY didn't expect to win anything from that one, with so many other entries to compete with, but I was really in love with each of those prizes!)

So imagine my shock and sheer giddiness when I groggily opened that email this morning. I won something!!! I actually won!!!

I am now the very happy (and lucky) recipient of a gift card to spend at This and That From Japan!!! Now I have to figure out what to get, which is not as simple as it might sound. I'm debating making a quilt for Syda for Yule or making a dress for her, or pjs or about a hundred other things. I'm thoroughly enjoying having such hard choices to make.

Many thanks to Amanda for her fantastic blog. The chance to win fun, crafty stuff is great but I visit her site daily for inspiration and reassurance that there is beauty in the chaos of our daily family lives and there is almost always enough time to knit a row or two. Of course, I have to thank Lisa too for her generous gift card because clearly, where would this post be without her?!
Seems my good luck may be starting! (PS, if anyone needs me I'll be on Etsy)


emily said...

congrats! so fun. i love the elephant fabric. so sweet.

MainelyMama said...

thanks! I'm thinking of getting the elephants to make a quilt for Syda. She (the owner) has the print in Pink too! :faint:

emily said...

i can't wait to see what you decide. keep me posted...

MainelyMama said...

I ordered the elephants in blue on white, white on blue, green on white, white on green, yellow on white, white on yellow and of course pink on white and white on pink. Notice a theme? The goal is the elephant quilt for Syda to carry with her at all times throughout her childhood. That's realistic right? Especially considering I've never made a quilt before. ;) I'm going to post again when they come in...should be the end of next week.