Monday, August 24, 2009

Escaping The Heat - An Attept

Swimming near the ducks - the highlight of the day for Nate I think. I was not so enthralled with being so close to them.

We found freshwater snails which is what I'm showing Ben here. Though it looks like he's holding my hand through a contraction.

Nate and his floaty; nothing like summer love.

It feels SO much bigger than it looks in this picture. I think I'm hiding half of it on the other side of the lake.

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the good life mama said...

Hi! Thanks for the note. This day looks wonderful, I can almost feel the cool water.
I'm not sure about the swimming, Noah is in school these days. After deciding we were going to keep him home he started asking to go again. We're giving it a try (new place) and so far he really likes it. We'll see. Great teacher, makes all the difference. I think we have to try the regular lessons now!
I hope you are feeling well! Looking forward to hearing of your new little one! Best-- Heather