Friday, April 10, 2009


Signs of Spring in our neck of the woods are finally popping up! The snow is melted...gone, I haven't seen a snowbank or even a small mound of snow in weeks. This makes me deliriously happy! We've hung up our bird feeders, though we have yet to attract any visitors. I think we need to place them a bit further into the woods near us and be less obvious about it. Right now they hang on our porch and I think that's very wishful thinking on my part. That the birds will just fly right up to our doorstep for their snacks is a bit unrealistic.

This past weekend we started our seedlings for our container garden. It's the first time we're doing this so I'm a little nervous but overall excited and hopeful that we'll have some produce to show for it at the end of things. Ben is very involved in it and has been carefully spray watering the seeds every day and checking on their progress. The two sets of obvious larger seedlings are green beans and peppers. They've both almost outgrown the container and I need to look up what to do about that ASAP (as in, as soon as I finish this blog). It's still too cold out at night for them to venture outside in larger containers so I think they might just be making the leap from one container to another for the time being. Container gardening for dummies anyone?

We also have two tulip bulbs and a hyancinth bulb growing in the kitchen window. My mom found that great container at our local thrift store for $2 last year and gave it to me. I didn't know what to do with it at the time and put it in the garage. I unearthed in over the weekend while looking for sidewalk chalk and voila! The perfect holder/display for our new bulbs. I can't wait until these bloom!!! We'll be sure to update with pics.

The other living things around here are all doing very well. Ben has sprouted another inch or so it seems. I have a legitimate fear that he will tower over me by his tenth birthday. He started swimming lessons this past week at a new facility that I'm thoroughly impressed with. He's loving it and asking when Monday comes again so he can go back. It helps that he also gets 90 minutes of free play in the pool area that looks like a water park after his lesson too. ;) Nate is full of energy as always and eating us out of house and home. I'm not sure where he puts all of it as he's not getting much taller or rounder...Tim's guess is that it's being used to grow hair. I'm not totally convinced of that either but he certainly does have more fuzz on the back of his head than he used to. Maybe he'll have a full head by his third birthday. And of course, the baby seems to be doing well. As of today we're at 15 weeks which amazes me. Having been through this twice before I didn't think I'd be as surprised by the progress of things, but each time proves to be as unique as the child that arrives and so it's only right that every noticeable experience of the pregnancy is fun and strange too. As of last week the baby was the size of a lemon according to one of the weekly internet updates I get. So, I've taken to calling the baby lemon. I can't seem to help it and I fully admit to hearing Alec Baldwin in my head saying "Lemon!" every time I say it and it still doesn't bother me. I also admit to my on-going, much loved trend of re-writing songs to suit our lives. For example, in the past there has been a rewrite of Sexyback to TubbyBack, this winter I rewrote U2's Get on Your Boots, Your Sexy Boots, to be Your Winter Boots. Made us all laugh as we piled on layers of winter clothes to go to the library. And so in honor of baby #3 I rewrote U2's Lemon with lyrics about the Lemon in my belly etc. I won't give you the full version here, I fear I've revealed too much already and wonder if this baby will read this post years from now and realize how deep rooted this little song hobby of mine is. hmmm...

Anyway, on that note I wish you all a great weekend! I'm going to figure out how to rescue my seedlings now. And perhaps rewrite Rescue Me to suit the needs of my little green friends. ;)

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You are one funny, funny girl.