Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bump Watch 09 - The Beginning

And so it begins! The weekly picture taking of the growing belly. Tim & I kept saying we needed to take pictures every week to document two things, my growing belly and his growing hair. So far the belly won out, as it rightly should. No offense to hair but really, it cannot compete with the cuteness that is growing within the roundness that is my abdomen these days. These pics were taken at 17 weeks. (just over the 4 month mark) I feel noticeably larger this time than I did with Nate and much more so than I did with Ben. I looked like this with Ben at about five and a half months. It's very true that with each subsequent pregnancy your body shows earlier. It now has the blueprint for what is supposed to happen and man is it an efficient builder!

From the left

From the right - note to self, must find a better backdrop for next week.

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Emily said...

you look so great! if you dont post every single week, i will hunt you down!