Monday, August 11, 2008

Weather Woes and the Silver Lining

It's been raining here almost everyday for weeks now. Not continuous rain, we'll have a few hours where it's nice and sunny and warm but the day either begins with a storm that passes and burns off by mid-morning or it ends with thunder and lightning putting on a great show just as bedtime arrives.

A few days ago it had been another afternoon of rain and weather fitting for November, not August. Tim came home and told us all to get out on the porch, quickly! I couldn't figure out why. My guess was that we had another huge ant swarm going thanks to a piece of lollipop or other snack left outside. I was happily surprised when I realized why Tim was so anxious for us to get outside. This beautiful rainbow was stretching across the sky and seemed even more alluring thanks to the dark gray clouds offsetting it's bright hues. So, at least there is an upshot to the rain.

On the sadder weather related note, I think all this moisture is killing the few plants I've tried to grow on the porch. Check out the shots and tell me what you think. I'm fairly certain my strawberries are not going to make it. The tomato plant is questionable, I hold out hope only because they're supposed to be the heartiest of vegetables to grow. I didn't bother taking pictures of the spearmint or the lemon balm - some things shouldn't be documented.

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