Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy Toddler On The Loose!

Things Nate has done this week:

Attempted to eat three glass beads

Colored on the walls with pen

Colored on the couch with crayon (pink, a nice compliment to our green couch)

Fallen off a kitchen chair while throwing a tantrum (as I stood next to him) which lead to a minor head injury at 4:45pm - just as our family practitioner was leaving for the day. This meant a 30 minute drive to find the nearest hospital to visit the ER. (always find this out before you need to know it)

Got skin glue on head wound which required being pinned down on his belly by his parents and a lovely RN named Candace.

Pulled 20 keys off of my laptop while I was washing dishes and assuming he was finding safe, non-destructive ways to entertain himself. You'd think after the first kid I wouldn't make assumptions about anything!

Made me smile at least 100 times. Made his brother laugh a good 75 times. Helped to make our family the amazing creation it is - countless times over.

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