Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching Up

I've had pics on my camera for a few weeks now - just sitting there waiting to get put on the computer and shared with the world. Now that is nearing midnight and everyone else in the house is finally asleep, I can do just that. They're random pics of things new to us and just generally cute photos of the kids. Cause you know you love them!

The first few are of the high chair cover that Nona made for Nate. It's made of a beautiful batik material that Nona and I found on clearance at JoAnn's. I'm thoroughly in love with it and Nate now pulls on the edge of it and says, "NOoona seat!" when he wants to eat. There's also a candid of Nate eating salsa while wearing his I'd Rather Be Breastfeeding hat - not at all true when it comes to that boy and salsa by the way. He would be ecstatic if my breasts could produce salsa instead of milk.

Then there is our new car!!!! Yay!!! It's a Mazda Protege5 and I thoroughly love it, I thank the goddess and god every day that we're finally able to afford a car payment and live in endless debt. It is a great car though and much better on gas and safer than our old van was. Ben was really sad when we dropped the van off at the dealership and drove this home, he thought that we would have two cars and was distraught about the loss of the van. He's over it. He had about two weeks where he complained but now he really likes the car and he even gave it its official name: Blooregard aka Bloo. (yes, from Foster's Home - he and I watch it together everyday)

Lastly, a beach shot from yesterday at our new favorite beach, New Castle Commons. I will post another blog all about it, it's deserving of a separate entry.

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