Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Projects

I've taken up knitting...again. This is probably my sixth time trying to knit ever. I tried a few times as a kid/teen and gave up and my last real effort was while pregnant with Nate. I got about a quarter of the way through a baby blanket and had my fill. So, for some reason, still unknown to me, I got the urge to start knitting again and it seems to be sticking this time. I've finished my first project, a scarf, I know very advanced. ;) But I'm really glad that I finished it and as soon as it was done I was eager to start something else. I'm currently working on another scarf (for holiday presents) and a baby blanket for a new babe in our little community. I'm currently really in love with Lion Brand Homespun yarn - it's what the scarf pictured is made from and it has this incredibly soft texture and a variety of colors weaved throughout which makes each piece so individual. It also explains why the scarf looks tan and the pink and then cranberry at points. I've also recently discovered bamboo knitting needles and I'm really enjoying them.
Anyway, that's the crafting news over here for now. I've really got to get working on my jewelry since it's prime farmer's market season!!! Pics of new jewelry to come next!

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